Monday, April 1, 2013

Hey Boy: Erik Gudbranson

My apology gift to you for not doing a Hey Boy post in forever is....
Erik Gudbranson of the Florida Panthers.
Why is California so stinking far away from Florida?!
I will be the first to admit I'm not a geography wiz...
as in I could rival Eric from Boy Meets World in knowledge of the subject.
But, I know enough to know that the 2 states are on complete opposite sides of the country.
I'll give that an 11.8 on the bummer scale.
But, that's why Pinterest and Tumblr were created.
Yep, that's right. I believe they were made so female hockey fans could fan girl over players on other teams that they barely see.
Seems legit, right?
Enter stage left, Mr. Gudbranson.
I've said in the past that two of our favorite things here at TSC are hockey players who are good with kids and hockey players who have pets. This hunk-sicle has pretty much nailed that.
It's things like this that can get a girl in trouble...

Let's just all have a moment of silence for the amazingness of these arms.
Or this...
And especially this.

I don't speak French, but I would be willing to learn just so I can understand what this magnificent man is saying.
 Who knew Beauty and the Beast could be spot on in the emotion department.
Apparently, there has been a virus going around the Panthers as of late and Mr. G was a little Sicky Mcgee this week.
If he needs someone to come take care of him...
I make a mean canned chicken noodle soup. Complete with saltines, ginger ale, and a smile.

Down to some actual statistics about this guy:
Born January 7, 1992 in Ottawa, ON, Canada.
He's 6'5", making him over a foot taller than me.
You know what that means? I can wear my 6 inch heels and still be a good 7 inches shorter.
Score one for the home team!
3 months into his sophomore season and he's only played 25 games so far.
He was injured in a wake boarding accident last summer causing him to miss the first 9 games of this season.
Honesty is the best policy and he certainly portrays that.
By admitting that it was a non-hockey related injury he was suspended.
A.K.A. No money in da bank for that time.
Anyway, in 72 games last season he had 2 goals and 6 assists.
That stat may not be very impressive, but one that really stuck out to me....78 penalty minutes.
As you may know I have a weakness for guys who can fight.

And if they just happen to look like this...
Hockey player or Abercrombie model?
Whoever said men can't wear pink obviously have never seen this guy.
 I think Nike has a new spokesperson.
Guddy was drafted 3rd over all in 2010 behind Taylor Hall and TSC boyfriend, Tyler Seguin.
Baby Segsy.

This is him last year on Gongshow Hockey.

The great thing about him is that he's not just a hockey hockey player who can fight well and knows Tyler Seguin.
He's much more than that.
Erik's youngest brother Dennis is a cancer survivor.
He's been able to use his hockey status to shed more light to cancer charities by participating in various fundraisers.
Like this one for St. Baldricks in 2012.

Such a great guy.
My first thought after hearing that he had to dress up like a woman...
She's the Man: Opposite Day Edition.

All in all, I have to say this guy rivals Adam Henrique on my "trouble" scale.
 I don't know what they're talking about, but I'll say I'm sorry too if it'll get me a hug from him.
  I hope this guy makes your Monday a little brighter
(There were a lot of adjectives going through my head, but I decided to keep it clean).

~B. Rose

P.s. You can follow him on Twitter!!

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