Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Birthday, Buster Posey!

Today, we celebrate the 26th birthday of the one and only, Buster Posey.
B. Po has been the star of many commercials as of late.
Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

In my personal, completely biased opinion I think he may best actor on the Giants roster. 

According to various sports websites it has been said that him and the Giants have continued talks for a multi-year deal.
 Besides the obvious, do you guys know what that means?!
Not only will the Giants keep one of their super bestest best players, but Gigantes fans everywhere will be able to continue to watching one of their favorite players.
Because I mean, really... Who doesn't love Posey?
Here's to hoping!
So, happy birthday, Buster Posey!
See you in 5 days!!!


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