Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Birthday, Logan Couture!

Apparently, it's birthday week in the Bay Area sports teams world.
Yesterday we had Buster Posey and today we have my favorite Shark, Logan Couture.
Today is the day that he turns 24.
 It was pretty much destined from the beginning that he would be on the Sharks.
This morning Cooch tweeted that he was "old".
Honey, nothing makes you feel older than being asked to chaperon a high school prom when you only went to yours a handful of years earlier.
Yep, I'm actually doing that.

Despite a pitiful season for the Sharks as a team so far, Loggy has been a bright spot amongst it.
Case in point, on March 20th the Sharks beat the Oilers 4-3.
Mr. Couture scored 2 goals in regulation time AND scored a shootout goal.

It's especially sweet for him because he's said multiple times in the past that everytime they go to Edmonton all he hears about are how great Hall, Eberle, and Nugent-Hopkins are.
He continuously wants to show them that they aren't the only young guys from Canada that are great hockey players.
When they played the Oilers on January 20th he scored 2 goals and had one assist.
On January 31st, he scored another goal.
Um, yeah. I think you're succeeding in that.
He was interviewed in the post game show after the win in Edmonton last Wednesday.
After mentioning his birthday he was asked what he wanted.
His answer(I wish I could've found the video, but oh well)
"My mom is coming to visit. That's the only thing I want."
Are you kidding me with this, dude?
Most adorable thing ever said?
I vote YES!
Side note: Can we just take a second to admire Jude Law's arms in this gif? I mean, really.

It's things like that that expand my love for him.
Sure, he's a exceptional hockey player, but there's a lot of those out there.
And there are quite a few of those that I really don't care for.
*Cough cough* Kings, Flyers, Canucks *cough cough*
There's just something about an early 20-something year old guy who admits that the only thing he wants for his birthday is for his mom to come visit.
Someone call Madam Pomfrey because I just went weak in the knees and I might need some Hogwarts level medical attention.

This is about to turn into a Logan Couture photo fest.

B. Weez.
Kaepernicking anyone?
 There's just something about players from different sports that are in the same area supporting one another.
Ya gotta love it!

So, even though he said he's happy just with his mom being there I'm gonna throw in a "and win tonight against the Red Wings" wish for him!
Eeeeeasy buddy. Let's wait until after the game!


~B. Rose

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Birthday, Buster Posey!

Today, we celebrate the 26th birthday of the one and only, Buster Posey.
B. Po has been the star of many commercials as of late.
Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

In my personal, completely biased opinion I think he may best actor on the Giants roster. 

According to various sports websites it has been said that him and the Giants have continued talks for a multi-year deal.
 Besides the obvious, do you guys know what that means?!
Not only will the Giants keep one of their super bestest best players, but Gigantes fans everywhere will be able to continue to watching one of their favorite players.
Because I mean, really... Who doesn't love Posey?
Here's to hoping!
So, happy birthday, Buster Posey!
See you in 5 days!!!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Stay In The House, Carl!

The title of this post actually has ZERO to do with who it is about.
I just happen to have watched my favorite tv show recently and I wanted to use it.
I suppose you could call it creative license?...
Holla out to everyone who knows what show I'm talking about!
This is actually a request post about one of our favorite men in the entire sports universe.
My birthday twinzie and imaginary boyfriend to every female here TSC, T. Segs.

It's been a long time since our last post about Tyler.
We've missed his body him deeply. 
It looks like Ry has a little competition.
I'd volunteer to be judge of that one!
Shirtless Tyler aside, he's had a pretty good season so far.
22 points in 30 games? Sure, I'll take it!
The Bruins as a whole have 43 points.
That puts them 2nd in the Northeast Division and in the 4th seed spot of the Eastern Conference.
Thumbs up from America's favorite cartoon dog owner. 
Because nothing says cool like a guy who sings about mail. 
You think I am kidding? Tis a true statement that I believe!

The B's are doing whole lot better than my Sharks. But that's a totally different rabbit hole of unhappiness that not even Alice would want to wander down even with Johnny Depp at the end of it.

Back to the man at hand, Tyler won last week's Amica Coverage Play of the Week with this beauty goal.

Unfortunately, I didn't actually get to see this goal when it happened, I was busy watching other less happy games. 
I swear that's the last one about how my boys are playing. Promise!
At least we can see it now.
Aaaah, the beauty of the interweb.

But, that was last, last week. 
The real last week, as in March 18-March 24, wasn't so purdy.
Losing 2 of the last 3 games, Coach Julien decided to switch up all of the lines.
Probably without playing Spice Up Your Life by Spice Girls over the loud speakers at the rink.
Personally, I for one think that would've been perfectly acceptable. 
It'd give Segs a chance to dance!
Not sure who this chick is, but color her a lucky duck getting to skate with Mr. Segs.
 Strangely, him and I dance quite similarly.
Accept I prefer to add a little 80's Breakfast Club moves in to the mix...
 I am not ashamed!

 Originally T. Segs was on a line with Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand.
He's now skating with Daniel Paille and Bergeron.
I really hope these changes work out for the team.
 I think Grumpy Cat Seguin doesn't work as well as...
Happy Pool Playing Seguin.
Obviously, I want the latter to reign supreme.
We like that version a lot...Probably more than is socially acceptable. 
Only time shall tell which one we will get more of.


Random side note that has pretty much has nada to do with this:
I am so super sorry that nothing has been posted in practically 2 months.
Life has been a little crazy as of late. 
Not to mention there was a new season of The Bachelor.

I hope this makes up for it. If not, I have some candy left over from Christmas that might still be okay...