Sunday, January 6, 2013


At approximately 4:40 this morning in Manhattan, New York the NHL and the NHLPA finally agreed on a deal that officially ended the 113 day long 2012-2013 lockout. 
  Oh D. Tosh, You have no idea.
 It finally came after a 16 hour meeting between the two sides with the ginormulous help of a mediator.
 I introduce you to the man behind this all.
Everyone join me in a golf clap to Mr. Scot Beckenbaugh for all of his hard work on bringing them together.
Thank you, Emilio and Charlie for your help with that.

I was really starting to get pessimistic about it.
Just last Friday I had told S that I'd lost all hope.
That it was over.
Adios 2012-2013 season.
How could I do that to my favorite winter sport?!?! Just lose hope that easily!
How embarrassing.
 BUT, now that that's over we can move on to happier things!
 Like the feeling you get the instant you step into the arena.
Surrounded by all of the other fans.
Anticipation in the air to be able to watch, in person, one of the greatest, most exciting sports ever being played.
The team celly after a hard fought victory.
Or one of my personal favorite things to happen in hockey,
the fights.
And when talking about the best things about hockey I cannot forget one of the most prominent of them all,
the Playoff Beards.
An honorable mention that I have to make is just for the adorable factor of him...
Joey the Junior Reporter.

These are just a few of the many, many things that make this sport so great.
Now, it's still undetermined if it will be a 48 or a 50 game season.
That means that the season will either start on January 15th or January 19th.
But, since the lockout is over the next step they have is to make new schedules for all of the teams.
 We still have a couple weeks without hockey, but I gotta say that I can totally deal with that.
Just knowing that it's coming back soon is good enough for me.
It was the unconditional not knowing of what was going to happen that was hard.
So, to all of our TSC readers I say, hockey is back!
Are you ready???
 Maybe I'll see some of you Northern California peeps at a Sharks game...

~B. Rose

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