Friday, January 18, 2013

2013 Top 30 List: Part Two

I'm finally able to continue writing this even though my computer is currently on the fritz.
I'm using my work computer right now...sssshhhhh. 

Okay, where did I leave off?...

16. Buffalo Sabres: Patrick Kaleta
I honestly don't know much about Patrick and Google let me down a little bit in the valuable research department.
I'm sorry to all the Sabres fans out there.
Therefore, I will write something by his looks alone.
As random as it may be, he looks like he would be able to give really good big bear hugs.
I warned you about the randomocity of it.

17. Columbus Blue Jackets: Jared Boll
You all know the 2 things that instantly move a athlete up about 1,000% on the TSC hunkiness scale:
1. He's good with kids.
2. He has pets. Preferably a dog or cat, but we aren't too picky.
Add one of these to his signature Tim Riggins-esque facial expression and perfect eyebrows and Jared's got a solid in with us here.

18. Nashville Predators: Shea Weber
Now, for the second year in a row Cosmo went with Mike Fisher.
Seriously? How could they miss Mr. Shea Weber?! Just look at him!

19. Carolina Hurricanes: Jordan Staal
He makes up just 25% of the beautiful Staal Brother quartet.
I bet the four of them can do a mean round of Soft Kitty if someone needed a little cheering up.

20. St. Louis Blues: Vladimir Sabotka
Does anyone else think he looks like Cato from The Hunger Games?
I'd make an alliance with him and his dimples.

21. Colorado Avalanche: Gabe "The Babe" Landeskog
Dear world, I give you Gabriel Landeskog.
Not only is he the creator of Landeskoging(You gotta patten that celly style, yo!), but he's youngest NHL captain ever.
I give Matt Duchene the honorable mention for the Avs.
"Oh Captain, my captain!"

22. Los Angeles Kings: Dustin Brown
I chose the captain of the Kings because he decided to take something that could've been pretty darn embarrassing(like trying to drink from the wrong end of the bottle) and make a joke out of it.
I applaud that. 
 23. Philadelphia Flyers: Luke Schenn
Oooh boy, I sure do like how you're rocking that puffy jacket and faux hawk.

24. Phoenix Coyotes: David Rundblad
Sweden is at it again! I don't what is in the water over, but geez.
Personally, I think he would make a great 6th member of One Direction.
He kinda of has that look to him.
Baby, you've got that one thing!

25. Vancouver Canucks: Maxim Lappiere
Hold up! I'm going to take a moment to absorb the fact that he is wearing a Oakland A's hat.
I may be a Giants fan, but the A's are just across the Bay.
Hey Max, I'll take you to a Battle of the Bay game.

26. Dallas Stars: Derek Roy
 So, apparently he used to work at a strawberry patch.
That's close enough to being a farm boy for me.
I'll take one please!

27. Detroit Red Wings: Cory Emmerton
He has a jaw that rivals Adam Henrique's. That's saying something. I'll call him a close second. 

28. Edmonton Oilers: Taylor Hall
 Hallsy's Mr. Sassy Pants tweets and seemingly inability to not injure his handsome face helped him win out for my pick for the Oilers.
It's true. Chicks really do dig scars.

29. Florida Panthers: Shawn Mathias
That's him on the right.
I will admit, I don't know every single player on the Panthers' roster.
I will also admit that I don't even know half of the roster.
Imagine my surprise when I came across him on my little search for this post.
I love surprises. Especially ones that look like him.

30. New York Islanders: John Tavares
He had a pretty awesome 2011-2012 season.
He finished it with 31 goals and 50 assists.
Plus, he has that whole hot slightly nerdy thing going on.
It works. I like it!

The puck drops tomorrow. It feels like Christmas Eve.
Everybody get ready!

~B. Rose

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