Monday, December 3, 2012

Uncle Jesse Says Have Mercy.

These Camp Biosteel videos may be from August, but that hasn't stopped me from watching them continuously since then.

Day 1

I don't know why, but this was my favorite video of the week.
I have 3 theories on the answer:
1. It was the first hockey video I had seen all summer and I was having some serious withdrawals.
2. I really like the song.
3. There's just something about watching hockey players work out.

I have a firm belief that I could full on rock that workout too.
And if I couldn't hack it maybe Segsy can spot me...
We interrupt this regularly scheduled program for arms.
Let's all just take a second and let that sink in for a bit.
Oh yes. 

Day 2

I think I might need to change my career path.
Massage therapist might be a better fit.
That woman looks like she's having entirely too much fun...but I can't really blame her.

Day 3

So, probably by day 2, I would be hating life because I would be so sore, but I would muscle through because I can't seem like a wimp to these guys.
Not to mention I'd be flat on my face in 2.8 seconds if I tried to run up a hill sideways. 
*Golf clap to those who can do it.*
But, by day 3, I would be calling on Segs again to carry me.

Day 4
What I really appreciate about days 3 and 4 is that James Neal is shown a lot more.
And everyone knows I love me some Nealer.
Silly boy, wearing a suit to the gym. Don't you know you get a better workout sans shirt?

Day 5

The game.
This is actually only my second time seeing this. 
They didn't release this video until about 3 weeks ago.
Totally bananas, right?! Making us wait. 
Oh well, better late than never.

Thank you Camp Biosteel for doing this. 
Watching these on repeat for the past 3 months have eased the hockey lockout pains slightly.

And now to finish it off, a little prank played on BizNasty by some of the guys.

Don't you just love hockey players???


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