Sunday, December 9, 2012

Seguin Sunday.

I think we need to make Sundays, Seguin Sundays.
Originally, it was just gonna be a one time thing, but I think there's enough stuff on the interweb to make it possible.
Especially in the picture department.
And he's very active on Twitter. You can follow him here,

By the looks of that tweet it sounds to me that Segs has a new bromance brewing with one 
Patrick Kane.

I wonder how Brad Marchand feels about this.
This lockout is proving long distance is not easy for relationships.
Can the "Bryler" bromance stay strong?
It was one of my favorites in all of hockey.

Unfortunately, it's not just poor Marchand.
Segsy's bestie, Tyler Brown, has been feeling it too.

 Ooooh. It's like that whole changing your Facebook status before you've actually broken up with the person thing.
But don't worry guys. I have faith that the Tyler Squared relationship will make it.

Then there's this little interview I found from Friday. It's very educational. Especially #17.
(Ya'll should check this blog out. It's pretty great.)
 So, back to the whole "single" thing...

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.


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