Friday, December 14, 2012

Ginner And Cooch.

A while ago I said there was gonna be more bromance posts.
I did a semi-sort of one on last weeks Seguin Sunday.
You can read it here:

But, I have to admit that it was an unintentional one.

So, I'm intentionally writing this one about my favorite bromance of all time that was ripped apart by a trade,
Jamie McGinn and Logan Couture.

They played together for almost 7 years, starting all the way back with the Ottawa 67's.
Ginner started with them in the 2004-2005 season and Cooch came the following year.
I have no words for the blond flow. I'm more of a playoff beard kinda girl.

Fast forward to 2010 and they've both made it to San Jose.
Still going strong!

Then came February 27, 2012, the day we found out he had been traded to the
Colorado Avalanche for TJ Galiardi and Daniel Winnik.
Shout out to Gabe the Babe! 

We, as fans, were devastated. Why? Why would they do this?
 As much as we were sad about it, I can only imagine how Cooch must have been feeling.

Anyway, like Couture said in an interview after hearing about that trade(and I'm paraphrasing here),
Hockey is a business.
It's not personal.
Stuff like this happens.

But, even with that said it's still hard when one of your favorite players gets traded.
Not to mention I have a crush the size of the state of Texas on Ginner...
but you've probably realized that by now.

Good news is, I believe that even though they may not play on the same team anymore their bromance is alive and happy as ever.
I'll take it!

By the way, did I mention that Mr. McGinn replied to one of my tweets on my personal Twitter account?
You can follow me here if you would like,
Yep, made my day!

~B. Rose

All photos used in this post are courtesy of various different Tumblr accounts.

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