Thursday, November 22, 2012

We're Thankful For...

Here at TSC we are very grateful for all of our readers. 
You are the reason we do this blog.

We love these sports and the men who play them.

Our hope is to make you laugh, give a woman's perspective on something, and make you swoon after these gentlemen as much as we do.

 So far we've only written about stuff we love.
Yep, those guys. 

And more things to come...Like bromances that make the world go 'round.
We want you to be able to read stuff you guys specifically like too. 
We're taking requests for any Hey Boy or topic you guys would like to see on here.
You can let us know what or who you would like by telling us know on our twitter: 
or in the comments below.
We hope to hear from you guys soon. 

And again, Thank you so much!

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