Sunday, November 18, 2012

(Tyler) Seguin Sunday

NHL Tyler Seguin:

Filling my Hockey VOID.

First off I am a sucker for a guy with an accent. Yes, Segs has one of those baby-faces that should never have a Movember 'stache, even though he's currently got one. But guys, he's got a Canadian accent, he is just flat out gorgeous, AND loves his puppy as much as I love mine.

The instant I saw this video (months ago..) of Segs baby-talking to his Chocolate Lab puppy Marshall... That was IT. Done. Fin. Over.

He talks to Marshall like I do to my dogs...  How will any man ever compare? He's ruined me. I shall hate him forever.

Well... maybe not forever. Maybe I will hate him for a second, then get over it. I mean, COME ON!! Does he really have to be just so great!?

 Admit it. You wish you were napping with him too. Let's be jealous of this puppy together. 

In case you didn't know, Tyler Seguin is currently in Switzerland EHC Biel. 
He does look good in blue.

Can we get him back in the black and gold?

"Who me?"

Yeah, you. Let's look at your abs smile..

What a tease.

Seraphinas's Notes:
Ya'll, I'm comin up empty on inspiration. Baseball is over. Hockey is still in a damned Lockout. I fill my sports loving void with Football. Though, I hardly understand it all. It's so complicated. I don't like being confused for FOUR HOURS per game. And at my house, EVERY hour on a Sunday starting at 10am during FB season, is spent WATCHING. FOOTBALL. Oh! and don't forget Thursday & Monday nights.

Should I add I'm part of a Fantasy Football League? I resent this fact. Blame it on the lockout.

~ S

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