Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hey Boy: Gabriel Landeskog

Never has a nickname been more deserved than Gabe the Babe.

He's still only 19 years old(He will turn 20 on November 23. HAPPY almost BIRTHDAY!), but his abilities are far beyond his years.
Back in September he was named the new captain of the Colorado Avalanche. That officially makes him the youngest captain in NHL history. I wonder if he celebrated by doing his signature move...
Landeskoging anyone?

Careful sweetie. Don't want to get to carried away and hurt your perfect face.
Yep, that one.

This was all coming off his win of the Calder Trophy back in June at the NHL Awards. 
His speech was my favorite of the night.
Not only is he just totally freaking adorable, but he dedicated it to his grandfather who had passed away in February.
 I must admit, the entire time up to that point I was rooting for love of my life, Adam Henrique.
It wasn't my fault. It's automatic reaction. I hear he's nominated for anything and my vote goes to him.

BUT as soon as Mr. Landeskog gave his acceptance speech, that was it. I felt as if I should have been wanting him to win the whole time.

The rest of the summer was very, very good to Gabe.
 Hey, this California girl loves to go boating too! I'm free next summer. I'll bring my own life jacket!

But, because of the lockout he has since gone back to Sweden to play hockey. It looks like he's having just a grand ol' time at home.
Am I the only one who is jealous of this guy who's half-hugging him?

Someone give this guy a pair of sunglasses and a neuralizer because he makes this suit look good!

All I have to say is, thank you Sweden....
Thank you a lot.


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