Tuesday, November 27, 2012

All I Want...

So, as you might have heard the hockey season will be locked out all the way until December 14th.
Can I have some lame sauce to go on my sadness sundae?

 Which seriously sucks because I had an entire schedule of games planned out and that list is quickly diminishing.
Unfortunately, I don't really care much about football so I have no winter sport to watch.
Sorry football fans. It's nothing personal. I just can't get in to it. I hope we can still be friends...

Anyways, I digress.
I see all these pictures and posts about hockey players playing in other leagues around the world.
I'm so jelly of those fans who get to watch you could make a sandwich out of me.
There's oodles of players doing it, but just to name a few...
 Viktor Stalberg playing for Frolunda in Sweden.
Evgeni Malkin playing for Metallurg Magnitogorsk in Russia.
Cory Emmerton playing for SaiPA in Finland. (Anyone else think he should be the next Hey Boy!)
Victor Hedman playing for Barys Astana in Kazakhstan.
Not just those though. Recently, there was a Hurricane Sandy charity hockey game.
I mean seriously. Can these guys get any better???

It seems like as soon as we hear the NHLPA and the owners have a new meeting scheduled to discuss the CBA, giving us fans a glimmer of hope, they rip it out from under us saying they're back to square one.

All I want for Christmas is my hockey season back!


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