Monday, October 8, 2012

We are never, ever getting back together.

     As the days drag on and on, I feel more and more games will be canceled. I've lost all hope in the prospect of November Hockey. 
                                     I feel as though Bettman's face is singing Taylor Swift.

                                     And he is singing it to these strapping men. (NHLPA)

                                             And it makes me want to do this to Bettman's face.

     I will be perfectly honest with you. I really do not understand why they have let this drag on. You would think that if you owned a hockey team, or are the commish of the NHL, you would LOVE the sport soo much you wouldn't want a single game to be missed. You would do everything and I mean everything, to get a new CBA. But nope, the first two weeks have been thrown out. And we're looking at more. 

                 Oh, I feel so bad for you. You have $$$,$$$,$$$ and you want more $$$,$$$,$$$. 


OH, WAIT.... NO I DON'T. Figure it out. So all of us fans can stop crying in corners, because we miss hockey so darn much! 

Dear Bettman & Owners,
     I personally think the players are getting screwed, and will continue to be screwed. Please, please, please don't let the NHL disappear because you are like Mr. Krabs from Spongebob. 


                               I don't think you really want to make this dude angry....


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  1. Hey! I just came across your blog (and this post specifically). I actually made a little mashup video about the lockout and T-Swifts song! You can check it out here:

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