Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oh Hockey, Where Art Thou?

This time of the year is perfect. The leaves are changing. The weather is colder. The holidays are around the corner. But, the best part of Fall is when post season baseball and the new hockey season over-lap. It's a glorious time. Teams battling it out to win baseball's most coveted award, the Commissioner's Trophy, while hockey teams are just starting out the season. 

I'm ready to break out my Logan Couture jersey and make my way over to the Shark Tank! 

The 2 hour drive to see my beloved Sharks is always worth it. These are my boys and I will always love them.

That being said, this past month has been hard as a hockey fan. The entire time leading up to September 15 was spent wishing and hoping that the players and the owners could come to some sort of agreement that would save the season. Needless to say, September 15 came and nothing happened.
Even still, there was weeks before the pre-season and season started. Something could happen, right? Right??
The lockout had officially started. 

Okay. The lockout was in full effect. But, we can deal with this. They still hadn't canceled any of the regular season games. My dream of celebrating my birthday at The Tank watching my boys play the Bruins was still 100% possible.

Until October 4th happened. They announced they had canceled game up until October 24th.

I remember that moment.
I felt similar to this.

Luckily, my birthday isn't until January so I'm going to stay optimistic. And, I still have baseball until at least the end of October, so I'll be able to rely on that.
What shall I do after that...only time will tell.

 ~B. Rose

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