Sunday, October 14, 2012

6-0 = 9-7


Watching at home on my couch to see who my team (cough, cough, SF Giants) would be facing in the NLCS, I can say with honest conviction, that last nights St. Louis Cardinals vs. Washington Nationals game was something not to be missed. Would the Giants be at home against the Cards or headed to Washington to face the Nationals?

As a fan of a Major League Baseball team; when your team has a SIX-nothing lead, you pretty much feel the next step of the post season is locked in for you. No matter the number of innings played or left to play. It is impossible not to.

And the Nats fans were relentless the whole entire game.  I saw those fans up on their feet, rally rags waving even when the "rally" wasn't necessary, they were up cheering... Until the 8th inning when the Cardinals scored their 5th run and the crowd started to get visibly nervous. Now a one-run game, courtesy of Daniel Descalso's solo-shot.

A real and true battle. Both teams wanted it, you could see it in their eyes, every single one of them, the continuation of their season hanging in the balance. The faces in the crowd falling, one after the other... A run deficit of  post season dreams come true.. what the Nats had grasped in their hands was quickly being ripped away. It was unbelievable.

In baseball there are always 9 innings played, sometimes more. But, few times have I seen a team take advantage of EVERY SINGLE last inning as the Cardinals did. To score 4 runs in the last inning, and then shut down the Nationals in the bottom... I was speechless, I thought it was locked in.

The devastation from the previous night's Oakland A's loss was all coming back.
Quick! Someone Bernie Lean to make me giggle.


     But that is the magic of baseball. It ain't over, till it's over. Anything can happen. I know from experience it sucks to be the loosing fan. Though, there are those miracle seasons. You know? The ones where for some reason you can't really put a finger on, everything feels... right. It's all there, somehow, with no certainty but, it is.

It's the beautiful thing about sports. They give you something to believe in. If you are a small child, you're given something to admire, something to aspire to be.

Petaluma LL with Oakland A's 

Sometimes I feel a bit silly cheering on a team, knowing stalker-esque things about players, truly feeling sad or disappointed when they loose. I think it's quite easy to feel a bit lost in this world, no direction, no purpose. So what's the harm in finding something to believe in, to be excited for?

There is this unexplainable  feeling I get when my team is about to play, weather it be hockey, baseball, football, whatever. It is this amazing feeling of anything is possible. There is no way of knowing the outcome. At the end of the game you will either be A) like the Cards fans, amazed, inspired, hopeful. or B) like the Nats fans, completely and utterly crushed. The latter sucks, but that's sports; win some, loose some. A valuable life lesson all shall learn.

The magic of sports. It is a wonderful thing. No doubt about that. Good luck in the post season fans!

And if your team didn't make it, well ... Ladies & Gents volume up! Loud music can heal all.

                                                                  ~ Seraphina

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