Sunday, October 14, 2012

6-0 = 9-7


Watching at home on my couch to see who my team (cough, cough, SF Giants) would be facing in the NLCS, I can say with honest conviction, that last nights St. Louis Cardinals vs. Washington Nationals game was something not to be missed. Would the Giants be at home against the Cards or headed to Washington to face the Nationals?

As a fan of a Major League Baseball team; when your team has a SIX-nothing lead, you pretty much feel the next step of the post season is locked in for you. No matter the number of innings played or left to play. It is impossible not to.

And the Nats fans were relentless the whole entire game.  I saw those fans up on their feet, rally rags waving even when the "rally" wasn't necessary, they were up cheering... Until the 8th inning when the Cardinals scored their 5th run and the crowd started to get visibly nervous. Now a one-run game, courtesy of Daniel Descalso's solo-shot.

A real and true battle. Both teams wanted it, you could see it in their eyes, every single one of them, the continuation of their season hanging in the balance. The faces in the crowd falling, one after the other... A run deficit of  post season dreams come true.. what the Nats had grasped in their hands was quickly being ripped away. It was unbelievable.

In baseball there are always 9 innings played, sometimes more. But, few times have I seen a team take advantage of EVERY SINGLE last inning as the Cardinals did. To score 4 runs in the last inning, and then shut down the Nationals in the bottom... I was speechless, I thought it was locked in.

The devastation from the previous night's Oakland A's loss was all coming back.
Quick! Someone Bernie Lean to make me giggle.


     But that is the magic of baseball. It ain't over, till it's over. Anything can happen. I know from experience it sucks to be the loosing fan. Though, there are those miracle seasons. You know? The ones where for some reason you can't really put a finger on, everything feels... right. It's all there, somehow, with no certainty but, it is.

It's the beautiful thing about sports. They give you something to believe in. If you are a small child, you're given something to admire, something to aspire to be.

Petaluma LL with Oakland A's 

Sometimes I feel a bit silly cheering on a team, knowing stalker-esque things about players, truly feeling sad or disappointed when they loose. I think it's quite easy to feel a bit lost in this world, no direction, no purpose. So what's the harm in finding something to believe in, to be excited for?

There is this unexplainable  feeling I get when my team is about to play, weather it be hockey, baseball, football, whatever. It is this amazing feeling of anything is possible. There is no way of knowing the outcome. At the end of the game you will either be A) like the Cards fans, amazed, inspired, hopeful. or B) like the Nats fans, completely and utterly crushed. The latter sucks, but that's sports; win some, loose some. A valuable life lesson all shall learn.

The magic of sports. It is a wonderful thing. No doubt about that. Good luck in the post season fans!

And if your team didn't make it, well ... Ladies & Gents volume up! Loud music can heal all.

                                                                  ~ Seraphina

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hey Boy: Adam Henrique

I'm so stoked to be writing this post. Like seriously. As in, considered doing it at work instead of my actual day job, stoked.
 What can I say. I had to work on Columbus Day!

 Anyway, since before S and I made this blog I've been thinking about what I'm going to write for this one post. It had to be perfect. I decided I'm going to just start with a photo of the most attractive man in the history of forever in the universe!
Adam Henrique.

Those eyes. That smile. Those cheek bones. Give a girl a break!

Dear God, man! You're killing me!
Yeah, he really does look that.

What's that you say? Two still pictures aren't enough? I can fix that.

The great thing about him is he's not just a very, very pretty face. He actually has some serious mad hockey skills.

Not only that, but he can fight.

If you know me, you know I have a huge thing for guys who can throw down.

Ok, let's go over the list again.
Greek god like good looks? Check.
Legit hockey player? Check.
Could save me if I ever needed a knight in Devils hockey gear? CHECK!

Sounds like a complete list to me...until I found this...

So he's a farm boy which means he's good with his hands(get your minds out of the gutter)!
And he loves country music too!!


That's it. We're perfect for each other.
Never has this song been more true!

In the words of the great Stevie Wonder, "Sign, sealed, delivered. I'm yours."


We are never, ever getting back together.

     As the days drag on and on, I feel more and more games will be canceled. I've lost all hope in the prospect of November Hockey. 
                                     I feel as though Bettman's face is singing Taylor Swift.

                                     And he is singing it to these strapping men. (NHLPA)

                                             And it makes me want to do this to Bettman's face.

     I will be perfectly honest with you. I really do not understand why they have let this drag on. You would think that if you owned a hockey team, or are the commish of the NHL, you would LOVE the sport soo much you wouldn't want a single game to be missed. You would do everything and I mean everything, to get a new CBA. But nope, the first two weeks have been thrown out. And we're looking at more. 

                 Oh, I feel so bad for you. You have $$$,$$$,$$$ and you want more $$$,$$$,$$$. 


OH, WAIT.... NO I DON'T. Figure it out. So all of us fans can stop crying in corners, because we miss hockey so darn much! 

Dear Bettman & Owners,
     I personally think the players are getting screwed, and will continue to be screwed. Please, please, please don't let the NHL disappear because you are like Mr. Krabs from Spongebob. 


                               I don't think you really want to make this dude angry....


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oh Hockey, Where Art Thou?

This time of the year is perfect. The leaves are changing. The weather is colder. The holidays are around the corner. But, the best part of Fall is when post season baseball and the new hockey season over-lap. It's a glorious time. Teams battling it out to win baseball's most coveted award, the Commissioner's Trophy, while hockey teams are just starting out the season. 

I'm ready to break out my Logan Couture jersey and make my way over to the Shark Tank! 

The 2 hour drive to see my beloved Sharks is always worth it. These are my boys and I will always love them.

That being said, this past month has been hard as a hockey fan. The entire time leading up to September 15 was spent wishing and hoping that the players and the owners could come to some sort of agreement that would save the season. Needless to say, September 15 came and nothing happened.
Even still, there was weeks before the pre-season and season started. Something could happen, right? Right??
The lockout had officially started. 

Okay. The lockout was in full effect. But, we can deal with this. They still hadn't canceled any of the regular season games. My dream of celebrating my birthday at The Tank watching my boys play the Bruins was still 100% possible.

Until October 4th happened. They announced they had canceled game up until October 24th.

I remember that moment.
I felt similar to this.

Luckily, my birthday isn't until January so I'm going to stay optimistic. And, I still have baseball until at least the end of October, so I'll be able to rely on that.
What shall I do after that...only time will tell.

 ~B. Rose

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Those sports chicks.

We are B. Rose and Seraphina.
Best friends for over 20 years.
We decided to take our love of sports and make a blog out of it. Mostly hockey, football, and baseball are our sports of choice. While we understand, appreciate, and adore these sports, we will be the first to admit that the men who play these glorious games are the most attractive people we have ever seen. There will be legitimate sports posts, but also a good amount of fan girling out.

B. Rose: Devoted San Jose Sharks fan with a soft spot for the New Jersey Devils.
Seraphina: Loving San Francisco Giants fan who occasionally cheats with the Oakland A's.